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The Bosch MUM48A1 & Vegan Ginger - Orange Pavlova Stacks [Productreview]


If you have ever tried to make Aquafaba you will know that it takes a little bit of time to get that perfect vegan Meringue consistency. As a passionate baker who has no problem with standing in the kitchen for hours I used my old hand mixer which must be older than me by now to make the Aquafaba. But ill admit that using a hand mixer to mix anything above 6 Minutes can be quite annoying.

So receiving the Bosch MUM48A1 kitchen machine absolutely perfect and clearly the first recipe I tried after coming back from Warsaw was Pavlova. When you are in Warsaw you’ll find that Pavlova is sold at almost any local bakery. It seems to be a big classic there and the Bosch Kitchen machine whipped my aquafaba within 8 Minutes in a breeze.


Staked with three different appliances you can knead bread dough and whisk anything from chickpea brine to hard dough. The most practical feature of the kitchen machine must be the bowl cover that avoids splattering. For all plant based foodies visiting this blog it will be interesting to know that the Bosch MUM48A1 has attachable blades to cut your veggies in any size thinkable.


In my kitchen there is not much space and every additional kitchen machine means you have to rack your brain of how to rearrange all the things already taking up the space. But the Bosch MUM48A1 Kitchen machine is not as big as you would imagine. The small and compact size is great for small kitchens and tiny spaces. The size also translates into the weight of the machine since its is extremely light considering the steel bowl that looks heavier than it actually is.


For a girl like me whipping all the recipes on this blog up with my trusted old hand mixer from the 70s, using this fully automated Kitchen machine is an absolute revolution.


The important thing when making aquafaba is to whisk the chickpea brine at a high level continuously. With the Bosch Kitchenmachine this means at level 3. After 2 Minutes of whisking you add granulated Xylitolsugar/Birchsugar and after a view more minutes you add the powdered Birchsugar and the Corn starch. After a view more minutes the Aquafaba will be glossy and thick meringue that has tripled in size.


The only shortcoming is the opening to slice veggies which turns out to be a bit narrower. It would be great to have a wider opening for the food processor.

All in all the Bosch MUM48A1 is a great addition to any kitchen and especially for baking crazy foodies like me. The machine is versatile and can be used for almost any purpose, from whisking, grinding to cutting.

This Post is a Product Review in collaboration with Four Palms and includes affiliate Links. Note that the content published her is of my own opinion only.

Vegan Ginger - Orange Pavlova Stacks

Easy vegan Pavlova made with powdered and granulated Birchsugar that safes you a lot of sugar and calories usually in traditional Pavlova


  • 250 ml Chickpea Brine

  • 125 g powdered Xylitolsugar

  • 1 Pinch of Salt

  • 425 g powdered Xylitolsugar

  • 5 ml Aroma

  • 2 EL Cornstarch

For the vegan Whipped cream

  • 100 ml vegan whipped cream

  • 2 Tablespoons Cornstarch

For the Marmalade

  • 300 ml Organejuice

  • 1 Ginger Clove

  • 200 g vegane Marmelade sugar or 30g Applepektin

Mix the Chickpea brine in the Mixer and add the sugar. Mix at high speed until the brine takes on a whiter colour. Then add powdered Xylitolsugar and Corn starch to the brine after 4 Minutes. Mix at high speed for another 4-6 Minutes and until the Aquafaba has triples in size and turned glossy white.

Bake in the oven for 15 Minutes at 120°C

For the Marmalade

Cook the orange juice with the Ginger for about 15 Minutes. Then sift the Ginger  and add the Marmalade sugar and cock until the juice has become thicker. Cool the Marmalade.

Whip the vegan Whip cream and add Corn starch and powdered sugar.

Now stack the Pavlova and add whip cream in between and top with the Ginger  Orange Marmalade and fresh Oranges.