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The African Doughnut | Puff Puff


Its a classic in Westafrica. Eaten at any time of the day and served at almost every nigerian party I have ever been to. In Cameron they are called Beignet, in Ghana Bofrot and in Nigeria Puff Puff. They are similar to american doughnuts or  austrian krapfen in Consitency and to spice things up I filled them with creamy and salty Cashew cream. Traditionally some people in Nigeria serve the Doughnuts with Eggs. Needless to say that as a vegan food blogger the last variation is not my absolute favorite. I used a recipe by the lovely Imma at african bites.


The recipe is a fail safe. No matter how many times I have tried it just works great. For the Cashew I used salted & roasted Cashew nuts and opted for Coconut sugar instead of regular sugar.


The Recipe was inspired by Imma @ Africanbites

Vegan Puff Puff or African Doughnut

For the Puff Puff

  • 220 g Flour or 1,5 Cup Flour

  • 100 g Coconutsugar or 1/2 Cups Coconutsugar

  • 1/2 Tbsp. Salz

  • 200 ml warm Water or 1 Cup warm Water

  • 1 Pack dry Yeast

For the Cashew Cream

  • 150 g Cashewnuts

  1. For the Cashew Cream

Put the Cashews in a Blender and mix it until the Cashews are Creamy.

      2. For the Puff Puff

Mix all the ingredients and then let the dough rise covered for 2 - 3 hours. Heat up 150 ml Oil in a deep frying pan and put small amounts of dough in the oil and fry each sides for 2-3 minutes. Fill the Doughnuts with the Cashewcream.