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Stockholms Raw Food Scene


One of my favourite quarters in Stockholm is Södermalm, an island located in the east of the city. Stockholm is made up of a number of small islands that are conected to each other and all have their own charme. We had a huge and cheap breakfast, for Swedish standards in Södermalm prior to discovering “Le Mond, cycling café”, where they sell raw & vegan treats such as the Energiebollars pictured below. The huge breakfast didn’t stop us from trying these treats.




I was super impressed about the Swedes love to raw & vegan desserts. They have them simply everywhere. You don’t have to look for specific bakeries and shops that sell raw vegan pastries; in fact you find them in any small café, which was quite inspiring. My bad Swedish language skills and a dangerously thight budget kept me from buying a large number of raw vegan recipe books that are sold at every corner of the city. One of my favorite books were Ulrika Holms Food for Thought that features a lot of raw recipes that give you an energy boost and Maria Asplunds Raw Fika that features a bunch of raw bakery recipes that will inspire you to try a few raw & vegan recipes.