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Raw Chocolate Tarte with Grapfruit Chia Marmelade and Coconut Cream


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This raw Chocolate Tarte with Grapefruit - Chia Marmalade and Coconut Cream sounds opulent but it is easy and fast to make. Its a fully raw recipe that is rich with healthy ingredients like the raw Cacao and the fresh Grapefruits that were mixed with the Chia Seeds. After some time the Chiaseeds thicken the Grapefruitjuice which is rich of Vitamin C.

In Autumn and Winter you need to protect you immune system to prevent a cold or any other sicknesses and the Vitamin C in the Grapfruit helps to avoid a cold. The red fruit is also known for its fat burning benefits. Chia seeds are a classic super food that has been around for some time. I love the fact that it thickens any liquid and is rich in Protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This Tarte will defenetly satisfay any of your sweet cravings.

I developed this recipe for Tea and the Gangs Blog on healthy Recipes, Food and Living. To get the recipe of this little raw baby head over to Tea and The Gangs Blog and cklick here.