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Raw Minicheesecake with Peanutbutter Chocolate


Raw Cheesecakes have been a trend for quite some time. They are easy to make and packed full with energy and healthy fats. Though I dont recommend eating massive amounts of raw Cheesecake every single day the below recipe does have some addiction potential. Keep in mind that the daily recommended amount of nuts should not exceed a handful. Every Cheesecake in this recipe has about half a handful of Cashewnuts in them, therefore it followes that one Cheesecake a day will keep the docotor away.

I`m defenetly going to post some more raw cheescake recipes since I really love those raw little treats. My love for cheescakes started out with a New York Style Cheescake made of Creamcheese and a tone of  sugar and it was a real hit among my family but unfortunatly normal cheesecakes are quite unhealthy since they mainly consist of Cream cheese and sugar. While you can adjust the amount of sugar you add its pretty hard to replace the cream cheese. A raw Cheescake can be eaten more frequently I`d say than its non vegan counterpart.

I made these Cheescakes really fast because I didnt want to spend to much time in the kitchen that day. Depending on your Blender this recipe is super fast and easy to make. As always I used a high speed blender but from my experience a normal home blender will do just fine for this recipe. When "baking" raw preparation is always key. I soaked the cashews over night which makes them easier to process the next day. That way you get that very creamy and soft texture your going for in a cheesecake.

Again in this recipe I used fresh berries. Please dont judge me I just love Berries and they are in season so your going to find that a lot of my recipes have all kinds of berries in them. To complement the creamy taste I added raw chocolate with a peanutflavor by adding some peanut mousse. The first time around I made raw chocolate I used Xylitol sugar/Birch sugar which turned out awful. The chocolate got all clumpy. Now I only use Agave syrup or dates to sweeten raw chocolate.

Making of Raw Cheesecake with Peanutchocolate 2 (1 von 1)

Making of Raw Cheesecake with Peanutchocolate 2 (1 von 1)

You`ve gotten curious? Well then below are some links to other Cheesecakes recipes from my favorite Food Bloggers.

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