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Mango Nice Cream Tarte with frozen Kordia - Cherries


Making a Mango tarte with mangos from you own garden is something very special. Especially when you know that the Mango tree was planted when you were born. These Nigerian mangos are different in flavour and consistency even the skin is different from what is imported to Europe. The greener the Mango in this case the juicier.


As they grow they become even double the size of what you see in this picture. Mangos must be one of my favourite fruits cultivated in south eastern Nigeria. The beauty of food in Nigeria is the fact that seasons are crucial and farmers have not yet taken to cultivating beyond what the seasons allow. The mango season is long over but this recipe has been sitting on my desktop for a few months.


The cherries are frozen and harvested from a nearby Austrian farm. Red ripe cherries, so juicy that I had to freeze them in order to enjoy the luscious taste any time in the season. The crust is the simple crust recipe which I have used on many occasions on this blog, for crumble, tartes and many other beautifully simple recipes. The tarte can be frozen and eaten for months.

Mango Nice Cream Tarte with frozen Kordia - Cherries

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A Sweet Point of View

Prep time:

12 mins

Total time:

12 mins



A simple and sweet but healthy Mango Nice Cream Taste with Kordia - Cherries


  • Tarte

  • 80 g Sugar

  • 200 g Butter/vegan Butter

  • 320 g Cakeflour

  • Filling

  • 2 frozen Bananas

  • 1 frozen Mango

  • Topping

  • 1 handful frozen or fresh Cherries


  1. Knead the Sugar, Butter and Flour until you receive a homogenous dough and rap it in a tablecloth and refrigerate for an hour. Then take out of the fridge and knead the dough for a few minutes longer. Then spread out in a Tarte from of you choosing.

  2. For the Banana Nice Cream Filling freeze two chopped up bananas and mangoes and pulse in a high-speed mixer until creamy and fill the tarte shells with the cream and top of with Cherries.