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Last Minute Christmas Cookies | No Bake Nutmeg & Cranberry Cookie Sandwiches


If you havent gotten around to baking any cookies, dont despare. These fast & easy Nutmeg & Cranberry Cookies are a life safer. I like to call them the last minute cookie sandwiches because you can even make them on Christmas Day. Since these cookies are raw they can not be stored as long as your usual Christmas Cookie, which is perfect since your making them Last Minute and there so good they will be gone pretty fast.


And as an added Bonus these No Bake Cookies are super healthy and will safe you some of the calories that you are already adding on with your Christmas diner. Most of the ingredients you might even have handy lying around in your kitchen.


I decided to use Cranberries for the cream inbetween the cookies, simply because I had never used fresh cookies and I just really wanted to try them. Cranberries also remind me of christmas and are a perfect addition to any Christmas cookie recipe. But I will admit that these small red fruits are not for everyone, because they are extremly sour. I cant imagine anyone actually eating these raw without adding anything. I still have about 230 g of Cranberries left because I only used about 15 g. In the next days I will experiment a bit and might make another recipe with them. If you dont know what to do with all the left over Cranberries, I would suggest a classic: Marmalade or even Sirup for your New Years Cocktails are a great way of using them up. If you dont have Cranberries or are not a big fan of the sour fruit you can replace them with Raspberries or even Strawberries.


For the cream I used Coconut Cream but only the solid part. This is a bit tricky because not all store bought Coconut Creams have that solid part. Defenetly dont shake the thin, that way the fatty part will separate from the coconut water. For all the austrian readers: I use the Windmill Coconutmilk brand  which usually always has a solid coconut cream part in it. Then you mix in the Cranberries and Agaves and you have a perfect cookie cream. Im still shocked at how easy it is to make Raw & Vegan recipes and how great they actually taste. As always I hope that you love this recipe as much as I do. If you need some more Christmas Baking Inspiration head over to the following link: Seasonal Recipes.


I hope you like this recipe and have fun baking!

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