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Hausa Masa Rice Cakes & Red Currant Ice Cream Sandwiches


I first heard of Masa Rice Cakes a few months ago and I didn’t know that these were actually Nigerian and in particular Hausa. The Hausa are one of the many cultural groups living in Nigeria. Settled in the North the Hausa serve up the most sweet dishes in the country. Masa Rice cakes remind me a lot of pancakes with a batter a lot different tough, simple because the bater completely consists of rice.


The rice used for masa rice cakes traditionally is a special one called Sinasir rice. The way these cakes are usually made is in a Beautiful big grey messing pan that has several moulds in them. Placed above a big fire each rice cake is then turned with a wooden stick. Well I wasn’t able to get that beautiful pan and even if I doubt it would have actually fitted my humble cooking area. Therefore don’t worry you will definitely succeed in making masa rice cakes even without the authentic pan :)


The Sinasir rice which is a special blend commonly eaten in the north of Nigeria is a softer version of the rice commonly eaten in Europe. The kind of rice that most likely come close to Sinasir rice is Jasmin rice which is a bit fragrant and softer in consistency. Combined with a pinch of Vanilla the Jasmin flavour & vanilla make for a wonderful taste in the rice cakes. In this recipe a little sugar goes a long way. Most of the sugar will be added in the Ice Cream which is way You don’t need a lot in the Rice Cakes.

The Masa Rice cakes remind me to much of the rich and amazing recipes that can be found on that side of the world.

I hope you love my combination and that my Masa Rice Cake & Red Currant Ice Cream Sandwiche will keep you cool this coming Weekend.

Hausa Masa Rice Cakes & Red Currant Ice Cream Sandwiches

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A Sweet Point of View

Prep time:

6 hours

Cook time:

1 hour

Total time:

7 hours




  • For the Rice Cakes

  • 300 g drained rice

  • 90 g cooked rice

  • 7 g Yeast

  • 85 g Coconut Sugar

  • 190 g Almondmilk

  • 1 Pinch of Vanilla

  • For the Ice Cream

  • 250g Red Currant

  • 250 ml vegan Whip Cream

  • 1 Spoon Starch

  • 180 ml Almondmilk

  • 65 g Coconutsugar


  1. Wash the 300g Rice and put it in a bowl & cover with warm water for 6-8 hours or over night.

  2. In the meantime cook 90 g of Rice as you usually would. Then drain the 300 g Rice which you left over night.

  3. Put in a high speed mix and add all the other ingredients. Grind the rice until you have a creamy bater. Put some butter in a pan & fry the Rice cakes on each side fro 2 Minutes.

  4. Whip the vegan cream up with some starch, then add the Red currants, sugar & Milk.

  5. Freeze the Ice cream & stir every 1 hour or put into a ice cream maker.

  6. When the Ice Cream is ready scoop it onto the Rice cakes & Enjoy.