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Glutenfree Walnut Breakfast Muffin with vegan Greek Yoghurt


Most Mornings I am at a loss of what to eat. I like a healthy and quick breakfast but sometimes im to lazy to think of something to eat and end up with the usual slice of bread with something untop that I find in my fridge. But lately I have been experimenting with all kinds of different Breakfast options. Smoothies, overnight oats and now breakfast muffins.


The great thing about these muffins is that they are free of any weath, sugar and ofcourse vegan. Therefore you can indulge into them without feeling guilty. I even eat them after I work out or on the go. In this case I toped the muffins of with some vegan greek yoghurt, walnuts and agavesirup for some extra sweetness.


I used Datemousse to sweeten the deal because the consistency is easier to mix into the dough but you can use whole dates if you want to. However I recommend cutting the dates into small pieces. Because the vegan greek yoghurt is quite dense I mixed it with a little hazelnuts milk to soften it a bit.

Now enough said, next up is the recipe and enjoy backing and eating those nice Muffins.

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