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Chia & Raspberry Tartelettes


Tartes are one of those quit distinct french dishes that taste great and look gorgeous especially with fruit. However Tartes can be both sweet & savoury but because this blog is more on the sweet side of life this Tartelettes are just that - sweet. While Tartes are quit big, Tartelettes are a smaller version. Interestingly the best things in life are created by coincidence, the Tarte Tartin is one of those coincidences. In 1800 a Lady called Stephanie Tatin by mistake dropped dough on cooking apples and when done turned the apple and crust upside down. This is how the famous Tarte Tatin was born. Since then Tartes and Tartelettes have evolved.

These Tartelettes are great because they are very easy to make and you only need 7 ingredients. The cream is quite healthy and only consists of fruit, some sweetness and the super healthy chia seeds. Like most of my fruity recipes the sweetness or the amount of syrup you add strongly depends on the quality of the Raspberries used and how sweet they really are. The Raspberries I used were quite sour which is why I used 5 Tablespoons of Agavesyrup. The chia seeds make the cream quit dense but make sure to add the cream when the crust is completely cooled otherwise you risk the crust crumbling. 

Making of Chia Raspberry Peach Tartlettes 2 (1 von 1)

Making of Chia Raspberry Peach Tartlettes 2 (1 von 1)

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