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Chestnut Pavlova with fresh Pomegranates


The Christmas spirit sometimes hits me very late in the game. This year is one of them. With about another week to go I still don’t feel the Christmas spirit and that even though I am currently living in the most Christmas obsessed country in the world. Last week’s snowy weekend did not help much either but because I know now that you as readers sometimes need some Christmas inspiration, here it is a Pavlova cake and believe me when I say this the vegan version of meringue or pavlova is the better version.


As someone who has made and eaten both variations, the vegan version needs a lot less sugar and is overall more healthy because you don’t need a super-size pack of egg whites to achieve the meringue.


I used the meringue recipe I have shared on this Blog before but filled the pavlova with some sweet chestnut cream. The Chestnut cream can either be bought done or made from scratch, adding the Pomegranates is an extra treat to this already amazing recipe. The Pavlova can be made the day before Christmas but is actually best eaten on the day it was done.

Chestnut Pavlova with fresh Pomegranates

Recipe Type






A Sweet Point of View

Prep time:

120 mins

Cook time:

180 mins

Total time:

5 hours



Christmas Pavlova filled with traditional and seasonal ingredients. Chestnuts and Pomegranates


  • Pavlova

  • 250 ml Chickpea Brine

  • 125 g powdered Xylitolsugar

  • 1 Pinch of Salt

  • 425 g powdered Xylitolsugar

  • 5 ml Aroma

  • 2 EL Cornstarch

  • Chestnut Cream

  • 250 g raw Chestnuts

  • 100g Powdered Sugar

  • 50 ml Almondmilk


  1. For the Pavlova

  2. Mix the Chickpea brine in the Mixer and add the sugar. Mix at high speed until the brine takes on a whiter colour. Then add powdered Xylitolsugar and Corn starch to the brine after 4 Minutes. Mix at high speed for another 4-6 Minutes and until the Aquafaba has triples in size and turned glossy white. Bake in the oven for 15 Minutes at 120°C

  3. For the Chestnut Cream

  4. Crack the Chestnuts open and roast in the oven for about 2 hours at a low heat of 150 °C. Then grind the Chestnuts until smooth. Meanwhile cook the Almond milk at a low heat for a few minutes and add the sugar to the milk. Then add the Chestnuts and use a hand mixer to grind the mass further.

  5. Then let both the Pavlova and the Chestnut Cream cool. Then stack the Pavlova and Chestnut Cream and Chestnuts and top the Pavlova of with Pomegranates.