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Blackberry Coconut Cream Cake


Blackberries are one of my favourites. This cake is quite simple. The special part was the beautiful

shooting outdoors with a friend who worked as a hand model this time around :)

Blackberry Coconut Cake




A Sweet Point of View

Cook time:

45 mins

Total time:

45 mins


2 Cakes


  • Cake

  • 150 ml Oil

  • 80 g grated Coconut

  • 455 g Flour

  • 100 g brown Sugar

  • 16 g Backing Powder

  • 110 ml Sparkling Water

  • 2 Tbsp. Apple Cider

  • 200 ml Soy milk

  • Cream

  • 25 g Starch

  • 100 ml vegan Whipcream

  • 60. ml Fine Icing Sugar

  • 250 g Blackberries

  • 80 g Fine Sugar

  • 1/2 a Juice from a Lemon

  • 1 Pinch of Salt


  1. Mix all the ingredients for the Coconut Cake and then fill the dough into six smaller cake pans. Make sure to line the cake pans with parchment paper or oil. Then bake these Cake Pans for 35 Minutes at 175 °C. Then let the Cakes cool when finished. Cut off the tops of the cakes to have 6 even cake buttoms.

  2. Mix the vegan Whip Cream. It mixes best when cooled. Then start whipping and add the Starch and sugar until you have a firm whip cream.

  3. Put about 8 Blackberries aside, then use the rest for the Blackberry Jam. Mash halve of the Blackberries used for the Jam and add all the other ingredients. Then cook the Blackberry Jam until the Blackberries thicken. To make sure the Marmalade is done put a spoon on a plate and put it into the freezer. If the Jam is thick and not liquid your Blackberry Jam is done.

  4. Now assemble the cake by adding on spoon of whip cream on one cake then one spoon of Blackberry Jam untop of the Whipcream. Repeat this twice then top the cake off with some extra blackberries put aside earlier.