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Almondcake with Redcurrant & Gooseberry


Its always wired to make your own birthday cake. I wasnt quite sure which cake to make for myself which other would like as well s i decided on this salty almond cake with Redcurrant & Gooseberry cream and a vanilla butter cream with salted butter scotch caramel.

Teig3Kuchen4 (1 von 1)

Teig3Kuchen4 (1 von 1)

It tasted absolutly devine and was a bit of a change because for most of my birhtdays I would make something with alot of chocolate and when I say a lot I mean really a lot. Layers and Layers of dark chocolate on one cake. This one is totally different but just as delicious.

Teig3Kuchen5 (1 von 1)

Teig3Kuchen5 (1 von 1)

The cake with the butter cream held up quite well in the viennese heat. I celebrated my birthday outdoors with a picnic and took the cake with me after freezing it for a few hours. It was nice and soft after 2-3 hours and was eaten up on that day. I made way to much salted butter caramel. I guess I should have made just a quater of the amount.

Teig3Kuchen11 (1 von 1)

Teig3Kuchen11 (1 von 1)

I refrigerated the left over salted caramel which you can use for hot beverages and other cakes. It can stay quite a long time. I would say up to a month.

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