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A Sweet Aphrodisiac Part 1 | Cayenne Pepper & Strawberry Cupcakes


Yes, you heard right Cayenne Pepper Cupcakes. These taste absolutely great especially in combination with the strawberries. Cayenne pepper is one of a few natural aphrodisiacs and spices up any cupcake. In combination with some Vanilla Extract these Cupcakes make for a great Valentines dessert. The Muffins taste great without the Whip Cream as well.


Despite the fact that I try to bake as seasonal as possible by using seasonal fruits I just couldn’t resist the idea of a valentine’s recipe with Strawberries which is why I decided to make this Strawberry cream which I used several times in summer for a poppy seed cake and it simply tastes divine.


The cream is as simple as it gets. Strawberries, vegan Whip cream and a little bit of powdered xylitol sugar make the cream absolutely perfect. Contrary to what you see most of the time the strawberry cream doesn’t tend to get that deep red colour. Nonetheless the cream tastes great. The Cayenne pepper of choice should be ground before you use it. This recipe is perfect for Valentines day and if you are looking to find out more about the history of Valentines day make sure to check out part 1 of the Miniseries of Sweet Aphrodisiacs.


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