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Puff Puff or African Doughnut with Cinnamon Sugar



Puff Puff must be the best know African dessert that there is both on the continent and outside. There are differences between the many countries that call one variation of Puff Puff their own. From Beignets in Senegal to Ghanaian Puff Puff, they are all different in their own way with distinct tastes and consistencies. In this case I made the Puff Puff seasonal by adding cinnamon sugar.

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The key to making the Puff Puff absorb the cinnamon flavor is by rolling them in the cinnamon sugar when they are still warm. The great thing about Puff Puff are that all ingredients are definitely in your home and as an added bonus they are naturally vegan. 

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Author: A Sweet Point of View

Cook time: 45 mins

Total time: 1h 45 mins

Serves: 30

Dietary Information: Vegan Friendly Recipe



  1. Mix all the dry ingredients, then let it sit for about 15 Minutes. Then start adding the warm water slowly and mix with your hands as you add the water. Now mix the dough until it is smooth and let it sit to rise for 60 Minutes. 


2. Now put oil in a frying pan, enough for the puff Puff so be covered when putting it in the pot. Now put a tablespoon of dough in the hot oil. Fry until the Puff Puff raises to the top or until it is brown. 

 3. While the Puff Puff is frying mix the Cinnamon and powdered sugar, then roll the Puff Puff in the Cinnamon Sugar. 


Puff Puff

  • 460 ml Water

  • 7g yeast 

  • 445 g All Purpose Flour 

  • 100 g Sugar

  • Oil for deep frying

    Cinnamon Sugar 

  • 25 g powdered Cinnamon 

  • 100 g powdered Sugar 

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Puff Puff Seasonal Christmas  (34 of 34).jpg


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