A Sweet Point of View





What Camera do you Use?


I use a Canon 70D APS-C and a Sigma Art 35mm Prime Lens. Additionally, I use a 24 mm Wide angle Lens for some of my overhead shots.   



How do you style your photos? 

I keep color composition in mind and think of the story that I want to tell with the image.



How did you learn photography?

I mostly thought myself and attended one or two workshops. 



What backdrops do you use? 

I make most of my backdrops myself depending on client requests. For a more in depth insight on the process please visit my Instagram Account.



Where do you source your props?


From all around the world. I sourced key props that I frequently use from Nigerian and Cameroonian Markets. Everything else is from vintage stores. 



I love your images, can I purchase them? 

You can purchase prints of my photographs in my print shop. Custom orders are very welcome! Photos can be printed in a different size and with a custom white border. For any special request, please contact me at hello@sweetpointofview.com 



Are there any questions that I didn’t answer? Then just shot me an email at hello@sweetpointofview.com or fill out my contact form