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A Mexican Escape - Quintana Roo

Mexico Quintana Roo Food Market

A Mexican Escape - Quintana Roo

It was my very fist time traveling Latin America and even though we only travelled Mexico we discovered many worlds mingled into one. From Culture, tradition modernity and the strong influence of American food in Mexican culture.



Visiting Mexico has been on my list for a long time. The idea that there was a region in the wold I just hadn’t visited and come by was unbelievable as South America and Latin America make up halve of the Americas. It was clear when I moved to the US, that visiting South America was a must, the question was simply which country would it be. And so we decided to visit Mexico and ease into the country by visiting the Quintana Roo Peninsula in the eastern region of the country. And while certain areas of this region turned out to be classic tourist hotspot others proved to be beautiful escapes where traditional Mexican cuisine was on the menu and Ceviche was dished with fresh fish from the ocean. The small island of Holbox was a culinary revelation, an island secluded from the rest of the Peninsula and not yet a tourist hotspot surprised us with classical and delicious Mexican cuisine. Eating our Empanadas with mezcal and drowning ourselves in mid day tortilla snacks and guacamole.

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